For Our Customers

Since founded in 2008, Samex limited has made its mark in major pacific and global industries. Supplying a wide range of quality goods to customers has been the staple practice of the company since formation.

Our staff have over a decade of experience in exporting, market practices and business relations. This level of experience is key in their ability to provide the integral, high quality service all Samex customers receive.

The job that we do is simple in theory, however in practice comes with its own challenges and intricacies that define the efficiency of a business . We at Samex Limited guarantee the most efficient supply chain and logistics practices for your business, allowing for maximum productivity. Our clients all around the world agree that a Samex relationship is not only beneficial but ultimately lucrative to their business and its future prospects.

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For Our Partners

As a producer, working with Samex means joining a company that will endorse and represent your product line, exposing you’re products to massive untapped markets in the pacific area and beyond. If you are looking to expand your business and increase productivity there is no doubt that Samex Limited is the right partner for you.

Here at Samex we have a Variety of specialists that oversee specific partners markets, these markets include but are not limited too;

  • Hotel Supplies 
  • Kitchen equipment 
  • Meat 
  • Seafood's 
  • Shipping and freight
  • Cleaning products 
  • Foods
  • Fishing equipment
  • Beverages
  • Small goods

However as Samex has a motivated interest in all global markets we are always open to expansion and consulting with any number of professionals to make sure the needs of you and your product are met in their entirety.

A Samex relationship is a long-lasting and highly profitable partnership for producers and customers alike, let’s get started today!